We opened RenaultKadjarForum.com for business Tuesday 12th June 2018 as a result of renaultkadjarforum.co.uk slowly crashing.

The Administrator for renaultkadjarforum.co.uk had appeared to have gone off the radar leaving a very frustrated Moderator, shedder101, to look after the day to day running of the site, but without enough privileges to maintain the site correctly. As a result of this, some members were randomly getting blocked from accessing their accounts and elements of the site were disappearing etc.

As a result of a discussion between myself and shedder101, it was put to a vote for the Membership to decide whether to persist with renaultkadjarforum.co.uk, in the hope that the Administrator, who shedder101 had exhausted every avenue  to contact, would surface again in time for the Domain renewal January 2019, or start a completely new Forum while access to the old site is still possible. As a result of that vote there was a choice between this site and another, for the life of me I can't remember the other domain. The main differences between the 2 sites were different layouts of Forums, one was focused very much as a Forum and the other, this one, could easily be expanded for other functions apart from just being a Forum.

shedder101 was offered the position here with, Full Administrator privileges, if we were successful with the vote, or he would move to the alternative site in some capacity.

Well, I'm happy to say this site won the vote and were privileged that shedder101 joined us with his experience of renaultkadjarforum.co.uk.

Shedder relinquished his position as Administrator on 15th January 2019 as he felt he could no longer give enough of his time to the site.

On the 12th February 2019 Boyko accepted the position as 2nd Administrator bringing a lot of practical experience of working on the Kadjar.

Whilst it was always hoped that we would move all the valuable information to the new site, it was proving a mission to attempt this due, in the first instance not having sufficient privileges to access the old database and Cut and Paste involved a lot of man-hours, as content would need to be edited once posted. It was suggested to the Members that if there was anything from the old site they valued, they could be of help by cutting and pasting the information themselves for all to have access.

There is currently one Administrator for this site, myself duracel3634, operating on a voluntary basis,  I provide the platform to make this site possible, so if you don't like something, I am probably to blame. Remember, without the Membership this site is nothing, so make the most of it.

If you have a need to contact me please use either Chat, if I am online,  Private Messaging at the top right of the page or by email.


Duracel3634 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



8th June 2020 - Boyko's Administration Duties were suspended as he has become totally uncontactable and does not appear to have visited the site since for many months. Should he become contactable again and wish to take up the post of Administrator again, the decision will, of course, be reversed. 

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