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TOPIC: Alarm Problem

Alarm Problem 11 months 16 hours ago #13

  • Steve B
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Hi all - glad to hear Barry's alarm sorted.   Would be interesting to know how they diagnosed the tilt switch as being at fault, as I was led to understand that as the alarm on UK Kadjars is not factory fitted, the plug in diagnostics don't cover the alarm and offer up any fault codes on the laptops, unless the dealers randomly replace key parts of the alarm based on a best guess.. .?

I have my Kadjar booked in this week to a local Renault garage in Norfolk, although not at all confident in this approach as the first time I took it in with an alarm issue, I appeared to know more about the workings of the alarms that the technician who had worked on the car..! 



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Alarm Problem 2 weeks 4 days ago #14

  • kelly
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Hi, new to the forum. Had our Kadjar 4 month now and just recently the alarm will go off but only at night so i was thinking it must be from some early morning Scottish frost. Read Barry got a tilt switch fixed and has remedied the problem so we will probably send it in and reference this page and findings hopefully a quick resolve
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Alarm Problem 1 week 4 days ago #15

  • sambec
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My alarm went off about 4.45 am last week, i went out to check no issues with car. it went off again about 3.30pm a few says later so did the following:

Re identifying the alarm issue:
Press unlock button on remote 5 times quickly within 5 seconds;
The siren will generate the error code (a number of beeps)
Count the beeps it will give you the cause of the alarm activating:

1 beep - ultrasonic sensor
2 beeps - Tilt Sensor
3 beeps - External battery disconnected
4 beeps - Driver door
5 beeps - Passenger front door
6 beeps Passenger rear nearside
7 beeps - Passenger rear offside
8 beeps - Hood (from serial input)
9 beeps - analogical hood input
10 beeps – Trunk
11 beeps – ignition
12 beeps empty memory (no stored event)
it beeped twice which indicated the tilt sensor then when checked again beeped 10 times indicated trunk fault.

booked the car into renault cardiff and they have fitted a complete new alarm unit (under warranty car 3 years 2 months old) they did not even know that you could retrieve fault codes using the remote key pad.

hope this info helps you.
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