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Hi folks

I bought one of these from Amazon last week:
Wireless Android Auto Adapter
I thought you'd all like to hear how it's gone!

These things only work if the car already has factory-fitted Android Auto and that seems to include when you enable it using the developer mode 'hack'.

I had tried another brand of Android Auto wireless dongle (Carlinkit) and found that it couldn't maintain a steady connection. There were dropouts, sometimes 5 in the same song, and then nothing for 20 minutes, then more dropouts. Worse, it would lose connection completely on average once per journey, so it was promptly returned to Amazon for a refund. I tried this one with trepidation because it was cheaper and from a less well-known brand. I wish I'd gone with this one first!

When I plugged it in to the USB slot and paired it via bluetooth, it connected within 30s or so and I had Android Auto wireless. I took the car out for a spin to test the connection, and was pleasantly surprised when the connection appeared rock solid - no drop outs, no disconnects. "Brilliant!" I thought. "That's that sorted!"

I was a bit perturbed the next morning when the phone and dongle wouldn't connect. Nothing I did would persuade them to, so I had to unpair and then re-pair them. I wasn't doing that every time I got in the car! I contacted support about this, and after a couple of days  of trying various suggestions they sent me instructions on how to update the firmware. It took about 5 minutes all told, most of which was download time, and I had a stable connection again. The big test, though - would it connect again the next day?

YES! And every time I have got into the car since. It takes around 20s to start playing music. As far as I can tell, it is now working perfectly as intended and I'd heartily recommend it. I have access to Spotify and Google Maps without taking my phone out of my pocket - and this means I never get out of the car and leave my phone behind!

Special mention for the tech support people - they were prompt, courteous and helpful each of the three times I contacted them. I think they had responded within 4 hours twice out of the three times.

So the caveats. Firstly, I have only had the device a week from when I got it working. I'll report back if it doesn't hold up. Secondly, you'll maybe have to update the firmware when you get it, so it makes it a little less plug and play. 

I got it for 61 quid in the Black Friday sale. It's £76 now, still cheaper than the Carlinkit piece of rubbish.

Hopefully this helps someone out!

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Replied by filiplolic on topic Re:Wireless Android Auto dongle recommendation

Thanks for the review.
I am using AAWireless device without any problem for almost a year now.

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Cool. I looked at that one (and Carsifi) but neither were available through Amazon and I wanted the safety of instant returns in case it didn't work :)
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