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TOPIC: So whats it like

So whats it like 10 months 1 week ago #1

  • Negativepitch
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Okey kokey....
We had a Nissan QQ from new 14 reg.
We had it for just under three years and could not wait to get rid of it....as follows.
The sad thing is, the guy who bought it from VW where we part exed it lives a few streets away from me and I feel so sorry for him each time I see him.
Any....since the Kadjar uses a lot of the same parts as the QQ I would like to know what it's like as far as problems as we do not want to get into the same boat as we were with the QQ.
Any problems with the side air vents rattling?
So with the QQ within in just over two years we had the following problems.......

This is a copy and paste that I did on another forum just as we were about to get rid of it.....

A 14 reg plate.
Dead faulty car battery, ‘
System fault hill start assist would not release two weeks after having a new module fitted.
Loud rattle in dash from air ducting, dash out again. mechanic said its the worst design he as ever come across, the air ducting is just free floating.
Dash out (for the third time) as something or another has come lose in it.
Left hand side exhaust mount has completely snapped off, collected the car, as I pulled off from the dealer, the rear seatbelt warning light would not go off, turned around and straight back into dealer.
Something hitting the passenger window inside the door.
Hill start assist failed for the third time, and needed another new module fitted.
Longest the car was in was for 5 weeks a few months ago.
From trim falling completely off or discoloring, to having the small info screen (the one that sits in the middle if the speedo/revs) replaced twice.
New wing mirror twice) crunching gears on it. First replacement was scratched..well..small chip which they did apologise for.
Faulty front sensor recall, the sensors pick up heavy rain and mistake it to warn of the city brake. no full fix by nissan, as they are still working on it.
Interior trim panel in boot warp causing it to pop out of its mounting clips by two inches.
Loud chinking sound in drivers door which turned out to be a lose part on the anti theft device in the door.
Auto head lights staying on all the time, had to turn them off manually until fixed, part of the 5 week stay with nissan.
Left hand gas strut on the boot failed.
mudflaps fitted, missed two mounting screws.
Drivers window dropping slightly after a few miles on rough-ish roads.
Rattle from air vents, common problem, well documented, no fix on the first production cars.
Ive had a vibration noise from day one, that they cant seem to locate.not mechanical, but loud when pulling off from cold on an incline.
Hill start assist packed in again, part of the 5 week stay.
A bolt holding part of the aircon ducting sheer off in the engine bay.
Other small bits and bobs, door sill guards both scratched when installing.
Rear seat arm rest stopped fully pulling down.
Front chrome strip (an extra) came unstuck.
steering making a groaning noise, it was a plastic collet that is used needing lubricating.
other small stuff that I cannot quite remember.
And now the Aircon (they tried just re-gassing it)

So you see we don't want to go there again.
A few of the motoring mag reviews have mentioned the bad build quality on the QQ.

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So whats it like 10 months 1 week ago #2

  • PatWar
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Welcome to the forum. I've read your other post so I know you are thinking of getting a Kadjar. If you are buying new then the Kadjar is a good car, indeed anything from a 17 Reg has had most of the 'teething troubles' ironed out and are pretty reliable. Of course there are still issues with this or that, but believe me, not anything like your list. Did you mention your history to the VW dealer when trading in? No, stupid question really. You are well rid mate. In all honesty I can recommend the Kadjar. I may be one of the lucky ones as I have had no real issues in two years. The RLink system is a bit dim witted but the newer models have Apple Car Play and Android Auto so you can use your smart phone for Nav, Music etc. (if necessary). Have a good look round this forum there is a stack of info available.
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So whats it like 9 months 3 weeks ago #3

  • JohnBridge
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We've had our Kadjar [1.2 petrol Sig Nav] since Sept 2017 and have only been back to the garage for the 1st service. Not topped up with oil even.
Keep searching the 'net there's always new info coming out. This month's "Which" magazine referred to a new organisation greenncap which is going to test cars efficiency and pollution levels. They've only just started, you can read the first reports here: https://www.greenncap.com/assessments/
Pre Sep 2018 Euro-6b tested vehicles fare particularly badly, a reason Renault introduced the 1.3 petrol engine with particulate filter perhaps? I can't see this organisation testing the Kadjar any time soon, as presumably they'll be testing the highest-selling cars first?

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Re:So whats it like 9 months 3 weeks ago #4

  • AOne
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The oil should be changed, cause a year have passed. It degrades and looses its qualities in time.

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So whats it like 9 months 3 weeks ago #5

  • gsa1967
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I have a 2018 march kadjar dynamic, like sat nav in uk, i did the first service last week. I have no problem , i have done 5200 km. I think that they improve in Renault the built of the car.

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So whats it like 9 months 3 weeks ago #6

  • turboted10
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I could have written that topic starter for you, it's almost a carbon copy of my experience with my 1.6dci QQ Tekna. It was a car I hated from about day 6 but ran it for 3years due to lease contract. !st brand new car I ever had and the most unreliable car I owned since the early eighties. More trips back to the dealer than I care to mention including as per yours, leaving me stranded at night in a hospital car park due to sudden and total failure. More red lights and management issues than I can be bothered to print here,
I got a 1.5dci Kadjar, late 65 plate, as a replacement. Totally reliable so far but troubled by early R Link issues as many were as Pat mentioned.
Nice enjoyable car apart from that and after 2.6 years I will replace this autumn. I won't have another one for 1 simple reason that why would i go for the same car again, there are so many choices. That shouldn't detract from what is a good choice in the mid sized SUV sector. 4 out of 5 in my view. Would have given the QQ 1 star had it not been for it's economy which was better in 1.6 than the Kadjar is in 1.5.

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